nc-small-logoAt Pacific Food Market we strive to meet the highest standards. It is our duty to listen to your needs, take them on board and then diligently deliver the service that our valued customers deserve. Fresh produce, value for money, and a uniquely positive shopping experience are the foundations on which we operate, bringing the complete shopping experience for Russian and European products to the community.
Our Product Pledge

Ensuring the highest quality products for our customers is a founding principle of Pacific Food Market. Our rigorous product sourcing guarantees that every item on our shelves has been sourced from the finest suppliers. Across our nine stores we promise to deliver not only overriding quality, but also superior variety. This pledge to provide quality and variety is unrivalled by our competitors.
We provide our loyal customers with the best shopping experience every time they visit our stores.

Our Value Pledge

Pacific Food Market understands our customers expect great value as well as great quality. This is why we have taken steps to ensure that our products are priced very reasonably. We do this by taking control of significant proportions of our distribution process. This method allows us more control over pricing, guaranteeing that our value pledge to our customers is consistently upheld.
Our Shopping Experience Pledge

It is Pacific Food Market’s duty to provide the best shopping experience to the members of our community. At Pacific Food Market we respect everyone who walks through our doors irrespective of race, culture, age, gender or religious beliefs. We are here for the community; It is for this reason that we put all in store team members through a thorough interview process and provide extensive training. This attention to detail guarantees that our staff are knowledgeable and keen to be of service. Our diligent staff will go that extra mile to ensure all of your needs are met, making a visit to our stores a pleasure, not a chore.