Community Support

Why Does Community Support Matter?

Our stores cannot continue to be successful and vibrant without the communities in which they are based being both successful and vibrant also. Working together, Pacific Food Supermarket and the community are better.

Our Approach.

At Pacific Food Supermarket we strive to do our best for the communities that we are a part of. Our aim is to be a positive influence, offering not just quality produce but also providing quality career paths to local people. We achieve this both on a primary and secondary scale, in store we offer support and training, an enjoyable work environment and the chance for progression. Outside of stores we continue to support our neighbors by sourcing many products from local farms.
We support many local charities, take part in charitable events and community projects, while partnering with larger organizations that support World War II veterans and Holocaust Survivors. This allows Pacific Food Supermarket to have a positive impact on people outside of our immediate areas.

The Future.

Pacific Food Supermarket will continue to have an active presence in local communities. Together with local people and charities we will tackle issues to create the best communities to work and live in.