Our Work

Los Angeles, CA

Gordon Ramsey’s Residence

We waterproofed this high end structure with a very high quality under-tile material utilizing state of art procedures. After properly waterproofing the structure, we installed the tiles.

Working for talented people like Gordon Ramsey was fun and interesting, because we could deliver the highest quality material and skillful workforce for the job.

Sherman Oaks, CA

Byron Miranda’s Residence

Byron is not only the best meteorologist, he is a great guy as well. We, as experts in construction business, benefited from his expertise in weather forcasts.

It was now our turn to return the favor. We waterproofed his balcony, with best self-finished waterproofing materials and state of the art procedures.

Green Roof

Green roof is changing the regular roof tops to the beautiful green gardens and generates more oxygen.

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Historical Derby House

Very sensitive repair of two balconies of this historical landmark without damaging the beautifull stonework of it.

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4221 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles CA. 90005



Different substrates with different texture and contests. Choosing proper waterproofing material and application procedure is very important. Materials with different bases would act and react next to each other.

This was our challenge in this particular project

2680 E. Highland Ave. Highland CA92346



Tuff climate of mountain side made us to make sure our choosing material and application methods are strong enough to bear with mountain side weather condition and will keep the look and color for long time.

400 S. Barrington Ave. Brentwood CA 90049


Proposed material and application methods was chosen from hundreds of manufactures and products for satisfying the owners desire and compatible with certain cities requirements and prestige.

3416 Manning Ave. Los Angeles CA 90064



Economy way is the name that we give to this kind of building busy complexes waterproofing proposals. The waterproofing procedure should to be strong, good looking, durable, low maintenance With reasonable cost to the owner.

3701 Long Beach Blvd. Long Beach CA. 90807


Beautifull Commercial Complex in Long Beach needed a beautifull goodlooking sealed pond. We tried and we sealed it and we did a very natural looking top coat for ponds in this particular project.

2850 Riverside Dr. Los Angeles CA. 90039

Riverglen Building. 200 Unit Residential Building

One of the major challenges In this huge 200 units rental apartment complex was, Waterproofing and sealing the balconies with tenants different schedule.

2277 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa CA 92626


Strength, durability and beauty came together in this Costa Mesa “Motor Inn’s” Walkways. Although we had to watch the price too, but because of our worlds of different verities and choices, there is always waterproofing material and procedure with some look and color that can make our customers convince and satisfied.

1000 E. Washington Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90021



Downtown LA, busiest In California, 36000 Sq. Ft. Elevated Parking Lot with a very old cheeping, peeling and cracked coating with extremely moving joints. This one was real challenge.

Close consulting with manufacturer support technicians, and taking a piece of parking slab concrete to the lab, Made our knowledge complete about existing situation and helped us to get to the better result. Now we are proud of what we did.

225 Evergreen St. Burbank CA 91505

EVERGREEN Assisted living house. Subterranean, deck and foundation waterproofing.

In this particular project under ground water level was making problems for the hard wood floors and other floor covers and door jams and windows?

First we excavate to direct under ground water to the different direction with proper drainage, and sealed the bottom part of the building all the way even lower than the lowest point.

15005 Sherman Way Van Nuys CA 91405

El Conquistador Building. 16000 Sq. Ft. Elevated Parking Lot.

The combination of Parking lot coating, Deck balcony waterproofing and cosmetic coating, walkway coating and raised foundation coating, made us real busy for a half of the month and result was a real waterproof property in every angel.

5638 Sepulveda Blvd. Van Nuys CA91411

Hampton Inn

New constructed Hotel “by the others” had problem with balconies waterproofing,
We came to the picture and made the balconies of the rooms enjoyable and nice and beautiful.
That was fun!

3340 Country Club Ave. Los Angeles CA 90019

Balconies Waterproofing

Such a great design and historic landmark and having leak? What a shame.
Respectfully we accept the job and fixed the problem and add to the gratefulness and beauty of it.

Procedure was under stone waterproofing in major balconies.

10100 Angelo Cir. Beverly Hills 90210

Decks waterproofing

Beverly Hills is not only the richest city of the California but also is the most beautiful one too.
Wealth and beauty absorbing too many contractors in, with different levels of experience and knowledge. Sometimes Beverly Hills requires different level of knowledge and study to make the job as perfect as the City itself.

On this particular project we changed and corrected the existing under tile procedure which was causing leak.

730 N Herbert Ave. Los Angeles CA 90063

San Felipe Homes property

Silence and beauty in this complex was every where. Nicely design and eye catching landscape. We were there to fix not properly applied decking composites. We did decks and every body loved them.

12801 Roscrane Ave. Norwalk CA 90650

Foundation waterproofing at Assisted Living Homes

This Assisted living complex was in danger from the foundation side water was transferring from the foundation concrete to the walls and floors and everywhere.

By excavating all around the buildings for almost 3 feet we made a wide and deep trench and built a wall in front of the foundation and dirt under, sealed that wall properly. So water bypassing structure now and can not be absorbed by foundation, neither by wall as result.

1904 California St.Santa Monica CA 90403

New project foundation, Planter wells, Balconies and roofdeck waterproofing project

In this new construction project we applied under tile procedure for roof decks and balconies.
It was time that architects and designers were not comfortable with tile on elevated decks.

The reason was they were not sure about finding reliable waterproofing.
But we proved them in past 15 years that new formulas plus knowledgably application, can
Guarantee no leak, even with broken tiles or age separated grout lines.

679 Gayley Ave. Westwood CA 90024

Repair project of 18 decks and balconies and walkways

This rental complex next to UCLA. Had lots of good sizes patios and balconies.

Most challenging part of our work in this type of complexes is we have to do our job without stopping their job. Several layers and curing times and temperature and air humidity should have been watched very closely, to get the best result.

520 N. Louis Ave. Glendale CA 91206

3rd floor roof deck walkways waterproofing

Sheet Metal flashing around the perimeters of the job, is like frame to the picture,
Flashing forms the deck, Holds waterproofing, Strong finish for wall and great substance for attaching layers of waterproofing to it.

On this project we proved above paragraph to the homeowners.
We offered and of course applied 5 layer fibergla?s waterproofing procedure after we fixed flashing and re sloped area properly.

1844 Plaza Del Amo. Torrance CA 90501

Main Entrance of each building waterproofing at: Plaza Del Amo

Sheet Metal flashing around the perimeters of the job, is like frame to the picture,
Flashing forms the deck, Holds waterproofing, Strong finish for wall and great substance for attaching layers of waterproofing to it.

In existing apartment complexes as jobsite we usually using fast apply and fast cure material Our clients know that we are able to work with tenants and shape our procedure time to fit in their In and out schedule.
This happened in this project in a very accurate form of it.

1701 Browning Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90062

Deck waterproofing At Alliance College ready High School

Fast and efficient application, Strong and good looking material and most Important part absolutely no leak for ten years was our work order in this project. The result at the end was even better.

In existing apartment complexes as jobsite we usually using fast apply and fast cure material Our clients know that we are able to work with tenants and shape our procedure time to fit in their In and out schedule.
Young students loved it also.